35 years Experience in Treating & Diagnosing Pain

Having suffered with a headache for almost two weeks which medications did not relieve, I was referred to this doctor who in two treatments cured not only the headache but some other older problems such as an ongoing pain in the right hip and leg.

Dr. Lippitt does not rely on machines, he does a hands on adjustment of the body which I have always found to work best.

I highly recommend a trip to this doctor especially for stress headaches or any tightness of the neck, arms, shoulders etc.

Thought I should share this as I am feeling so much better.

Barbara Gee

Grand Cayman

Not long ago I met Dr. Lippitt met this Dr.Lippitt and he saved my ankle. I wasn't able to walk anymore and I can only recommend him for what he did to me. It's not easy because you have to fly to Cayman but it's the most beautiful beach ever. So it's worth it.

Run (if you can !! ) to Greg he has so much experience in what he does..It might take some time but it will help you.


I had such severe neck pain that I couldn’t turn my head, couldn’t sleep, swim or enjoy life any more. I heard about Dr. Lippitt one day but I was a bit skeptical about acupuncture. I was desperate as nothing else had worked so I went. In two weeks of treatment I couldn’t believe the difference. It took about 2 1/2 months, but I became completely pain free. It has been a year now and I remain pain free. I will tell anyone who has pain - I recommend him. Thank you so much Dr. Lippitt.

Irene Gut
Switzerland / Grand Cayman

Dr. Lippitt helped me overcome an existing pain I'd had for years, and that no one else had been able to help. I travel from Washington D.C. on a regular basis to see him now, and bring my family too - he's helped us all. Thanks Dr. Lippitt.

Washington D.C.